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Council Approves ARPA Funding Plan
Oakdale City Manager Bryan Whitemyer, seen remotely from the council meeting on Monday night, outlines spending options for the ARPA funds received by the city.

With some suggestions provided by the public, Oakdale City Council members unanimously approved the expenditure plan for the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds at the Monday night, Oct. 18 council meeting.

Representing some of the adjustments to the original plan is the allocation of $200,000 for the creation of a non-profit grant program aimed at helping local grant applicants.

City Manager Bryan Whitemyer assured council members that while providing a blueprint, the plan can be modified as needed as long as the changes meet the criteria detailed by the ARPA guidelines.

Mayor Cherilyn Bairos appointed Mayor Pro Tem Christopher Smith and Councilmember Fred Smith to the oversight committee charged with overseeing the non-profit grant application process.

Building on last year’s successful RAD card program, the city is working with the Downtown Modesto Partnership to get this year’s RAD card program up and running by the holiday season.

Whitemyer hoped to return to the council by next month with a formal agreement with the county for the RAD card program, which will extend beyond the downtown businesses.

“The biggest success was businesses sharing that information with each other … social media helped get the word out,” Whitemyer said of last year’s RAD card success.

The city has already received the first payment of $2,822,332 in July 2021 and will receive the remainder of the funds in July 2022, totaling $5.6 million.

Funding from the American Rescue plan can be used to:

Support public health expenditures;

Address the negative economic impacts caused by the public health emergency;

Replace lost public sector revenue;

Provide premium pay for essential workers;

Invest in water, sewer, and broadband infrastructure.

Cities have until Dec. 31, 2024, to obligate funds and until Dec. 31, 2026, to spend funds.

Oakdale City has allocated the funding in the following categories:

$5,000 – Install automatic doors for the restrooms at the Senior Center

$11,296.60 – Install automatic entryway door at the Oakdale Police Department

$90,000 – Install EMS equipment on both City of Oakdale fire engines

$2,000 – Purchase 12 chairs for Senior Center Conference Room

$15,000 – Purchase computer, printer and general supplies needed to produce membership swipe cards for users of the Senior Center

$75,000 – Purchase and install additional cameras in the community to improve crime prevention and investigation efforts

$771,367.40 – To help fund the construction of the community sports fields at the sports park location at Greger Street and Branding Iron

$710,000 RAD Card Program to support local businesses

$200,000 – Grant Program for local non-profit organizations

$1,000,000 downtown improvements

$75,000 – Develop Wayfinding Plan and purchase signage to support downtown businesses

$100,000 – Purchase and install audio/visual enhancements at the Community Center in order to make the facility more marketable for rentals that will attract more economic activity into the community

$100,000 – Install new flooring and wall protection materials in the Community Center in order to make the facility more marketable for rentals that will attract more economic activity into the community

$40,000 – Replace revenue lost during the pandemic for the Senior Center due to the inability to rent out the facility

$100,000 – Replace revenue lost during the pandemic for the Community Center due to the inability to rent out the facility

$800,000 – Essential Worker Premium Pay for those full-time and part-time essential workers that worked throughout the pandemic and are still employed with the City

$1,550,000 – to expand critical sewer and water infrastructure.


Toward the end of the meeting, councilmember Ericka Chiara announced her resignation, effective Dec. 10 at the close of business, citing personal reasons.

Chiara said, “New horizons are in store for me and my family … I look forward to new things.”