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California’s 2024 Laws Touch On Health, Home

With the calendar changing from 2023 to 2024, California is set to implement a range of new laws that will impact various aspects of life and governance. These were introduced in either the state assembly or state senate for consideration. Here’s an overview of some key laws going into effect on Jan. 1, 2024.


Access to Justice and Mental Health

The expansion of the court interpreter workforce, including guidance for local courts to retain interpreters and a pilot program for interpreter training (AB 1032 and SB 101).

Community Assistance, Recovery, and Empowerment (CARE) Act programs will continue to roll out, providing mental health treatment and support services (SB 35).

Probate conservators are required to submit comprehensive care plans to the court from Jan. 1, 2025 (SB 280).

Notification requirements for individuals needing mental health services found incompetent to stand trial (SB 717).


Firearm Regulations

Defendants in mental health diversion programs will be prohibited from owning firearms (AB 455).

New measures for firearm confiscation in domestic violence situations (AB 818).

A tax on firearm dealers to fund anti-gun violence programs (AB 28).

Prohibition for individuals barred from possessing firearms from owning body armor (AB 92).


Employment Laws

A new minimum wage schedule for health care workers (SB 525).

Increase of minimum wage to $20/hour for fast food workers (AB 1228).

Employers are required to cover costs associated with obtaining food handler cards (SB 476).


Housing and Tenant Rights

Revised foster parent screening procedure focusing on LGBTQ+ youth support (SB 407).

Changes to the “no fault just cause” eviction rule, making evictions more challenging for landlords (SB 567).

Tenants allowed to store electric scooters and bicycles indoors, subject to safety standards (SB 712).


Consumer Protections and Regulations

Right to Repair Act mandates manufacturers to provide repair components and guides (SB 244).

Simplified cancellation policies for hotel and Airbnb bookings (SB 644).

Transparency in online pricing to eradicate hidden surcharges (SB 478).


Food and Drink Regulations

Authorization for the sale of Shochu in beer and wine permitted establishments (AB 416).

Requirement for baby food manufacturers to test products for harmful elements (AB 899).

Disclosure requirements for cookware manufacturers regarding hazardous chemicals (AB 1200).


Privacy and Data Protection

Enhanced consumer control over personal data collection and usage (California Consumer Privacy Act updates).

Regulations stipulated in AB 587, enhancing transparency and privacy protections.


These new laws reflect California’s ongoing commitment to addressing critical issues such as mental health, employment rights, tenant protections, consumer safety, and privacy concerns.

For a more detailed understanding of each law and its implications, refer to the comprehensive information provided by various sources including the California Courts Newsroom, The National Law Review, and