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California Restaurant Association Releases New Training Platform

The California Restaurant Association (CRA) has announced a CRA-certified training platform in collaboration with Train 321, a nationwide provider of training for restaurant employees.

The new, easy-to-use, online Learning Management System (LMS) has been under development for several years and is being introduced as restaurants are working to bring back employees who left during the pandemic and hiring more employees who are new to the industry.

The platform offers a wide variety of courses for front of house (FOH) and back of house (BOH) instruction and will complement the many services the CRA already provides to California’s restaurants.

“Restaurant owners are telling us that post-pandemic realities are bringing a large class of first-time workers and applicants with little to no restaurant experience,” said California Restaurant Association President and CEO, Jot Condie. “These new training products are intended to give new restaurant employees basic but critical knowledge, easing the costly and time-consuming training demands on an increasingly stretched restaurant management.”

The new LMS offers 60 courses, giving employees valuable knowledge even before their first day on the job.

Courses include:

• Safety basics including workplace safety, kitchen safety, and sanitation;

• Bar Basics;

• Human resources basics such as workplace diversity and ethics.

“We have designed these trainings to give restaurant employees the tools they need to make their establishments safer and more efficient, and to be prepared to handle every aspect of the customer experience,” said Train 321 CEO Dean Carras.

Train 321’s LMS platform enables easy access and adoption across a dispersed restaurant audience. To learn more, restaurants can visit