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Board Gives Kudos To District Parents

Oakdale Joint Unified School District continues to meet as well as exceed standards as evaluated by the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP). While the assessment report of performance appears different the results remain consistently the same.

So was the finding when reported Monday evening, Oct. 14 by Assistant Superintendent Kristi Rapinchuk. Of the varying areas reviewed, Rapinkchuk shared any areas below standard already have a plan or modified structure in place which should be apparent in future evaluations.

Superintendent of Schools Marc Malone, however, felt it necessary to address the board as well as the audience in regards to the category of Parent and Family Engagement.

“This idea of parent involvement, they want it to fit this nice little template and Oakdale doesn’t fit a template,” Malone stated. “Our parents are very involved in what we do. Our parents are highly involved with our students. Our parents show up.”

Just prior to Rapinchuk delivering the report, Oakdale Music Boosters President, Neal Holcomb addressed the board during Open Comment, sharing impressive facts on OJUSD’s music programs. In addition he shared equally impressive totals raised by the Boosters to support said programs.

Malone himself also offered information with the board and audience earlier in the evening in regards to the district elementary school jog-a-thon hosted Friday, Oct. 11. During this time, the superintendent shared over $200,000 had been collected at the four elementary sites.

“They don’t show up for meetings, they show up and do,” Malone continued regarding Oakdale parents. “They’re doers and that’s what they do and we are the beneficiary of it. Unfortunately these templates don’t have room for doers. They want people to sit at meetings and talk and twiddle their thumbs, as opposed to really do work and our parents show up and do work.”

Malone and Rapinchuk each went on to state that by this standard the “Parent and Family Engagement” piece of the report may never reflect a full implementation review and they’re okay with that.

In addition to the LCAP – Local Indicator Report, Rapinchuk also shared findings from Dynamic Instruction, the OJUSD Walk Through System.

“Principals and Vice Principals are walking through every classroom every month at a minimum,” she stated, “and are collecting this walk through data.”

Data from the walk throughs is reviewed by a site leadership team for feedback on site as well as at district level for support and continued trainings.

Rapinchuk shared that as a whole teachers feel they should be teaching all the time, in compliance with the Walk Through System.

“Yes and no,” she said to the board. “There are things that we do that are not under the definition of teaching. ‘Teacher was teaching’ is defined in Oakdale as interacting with students over academic content.”

Assistant Superintendent, Human Resource Dave Kline opened public hearing for both Oakdale Teachers Association, as well as CSEA Chapter #830 for contract negations.

OTA Lead Negotiator, Erin Benbow approached the board expressing enthusiasm to work with Kline on a list of items to be reviewed. Benbow noted the list was a result of an open contract year.

CSEA President, Adam Uplinger also approached the board sharing the contrast of requests to OTA due largely in part to not being an open year for CSEA.

As is customary the meeting was begun by students leading the attendees in the Pledge of Allegiance. This month’s presenters were Vincent Savage, Lilly Plascensia and Gracee Basler of Magnolia Elementary school.

The next meeting will be held Monday, Nov. 4 at OJUSD Tech Center. Open Session is open to the public and begins promptly at 6:30 p.m.