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Baguette Club Debuts At Oakdale Junior High
baguette club.JPG
Anson Dotinga, center, surrounded by fellow students excited about the newly formed Baguette Club at Oakdale Junior High School. Simple in concept, the club is currently looking for a way to have club proceeds benefit Teresa Hammond/The Leader

Not all school clubs have to solve world problems.

At first mention that becomes apparent in the newest club to take shape at Oakdale Junior High School. The “Baguette Club” has one simple focus.

“We meet monthly. Whoever eats the half of a baguette the fastest becomes the leader for the next month,” Club President Anson Dotinga said.

As silly as it may seem to an adult, the OJHS eighth graders had a sign-up sheet of 46 interested students during the school’s recent Club Rush event.

“It was a lettuce club,” Vice President Jason Greenhow said, “and then we voted on changing it to baguettes instead of lettuce.”

“It’s so random, it’s funny,” Dotinga acknowledged.

Once the students had the club approved by the ASB and business office, their Club Treasurer, Ryan Chauvin got to work on a website to offer merchandise. Students can purchase T-shirts, sweatshirts, phone cases and pins. The merchandise is currently being sold separately and not officially affiliated with the club.

“I thought it was crazy,” English teacher Dee Hawksworth said of the club, “but they seemed inspired and excited and like they put some thought into it.”

The true surprise when the advisor learned that the students didn’t have a budget, as is typical with school clubs, because they desired donating all proceeds to a charity (

“We really want to figure out a way that they can be charitable, but they’re not violating ASB rules,” the club advisor said, “because money raised needs to stay with the students on campus.”

That’s a fact both the students and advisor weren’t initially aware of. The tenacious students, however, have not given up hope on being charitable and continue to explore ways to benefit the organization with the help of Hawksworth.

“I feel like it’s the simplest club,” Dotinga said. “You just show up, eat bread and we decide who the leader is.”

The club’s first meeting has been set for lunch period this Friday, Sept. 14 complete with half loaves of baguettes for all members to enjoy.

Merchandise can be viewed and purchased at