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Apps That Can Make Driving Safer And Easier
Modern vehicles are testaments to technological innovation. Drivers can use that to their advantage by utilizing various apps designed specifically to reduce distracted driving.
It’s hard to go anywhere without using or coming into contact with technology. For drivers, that includes their vehicles, which have come a long way since the Ford Motor Company’s Model T was first introduced more than a century ago.


Devices and driving are now undeniably intertwined. Preoccupation with technology when behind the wheel can pose a threat to motorists, as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that more than 3,100 people were killed in motor vehicle crashes involving distracted driving in 2020. But technology also can be utilized to great and positive effect. Various apps can help make driving safer, potentially reducing the number of accidents and fatalities on the nation’s roadways.


OneTap: OneTap was designed to put an end to distracted driving. Once enabled, the OneTap app blocks incoming alerts on drivers’ phones and automatically replies to let individuals calling or sending messages that drivers will get in touch when they reach their destination. Drivers can manually activate the app each time they get in their vehicles, or set it up so it automatically activates when the car begins moving. The latter approach can be especially useful for drivers who may forget to activate it when getting in their cars.


DriveMode: DriveMode was designed for drivers who want a hands-free messaging and calling option while behind the wheel. The app utilizes voice-enabled commands so drivers reply to messages or texts using only their voice, and it also can be integrated with navigation, music and voice assistant apps. Drivers can choose to have the app launch automatically when they start driving.


OtoZen: OtoZen can appeal to any drivers looking to be more safe, but it can be especially useful for parents of young drivers. Users can track family and friends with the app’s GPS tracker that can share location information in real time. Incoming messages are delivered through users’ car speakers, and speed alerts notify drivers when they exceed safe speed limits.


OnMyWay: The OnMyWay app automatically disables apps when vehicles are moving faster than 10 miles per hour. That functionality eliminates phone-related distractions like incoming text messages. But the hands-free component of the OnMyWay app allows users to make phone calls, use navigation apps and even play music.