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Annual Homeless Count Coming In Late January
Stan County

Volunteers are being sought for the upcoming Homeless Point-In-Time Count in Stanislaus County, scheduled for Thursday, Jan. 26, 2023.

The purpose of the 2023 Homeless Point-in-Time (PIT Count) is to obtain a “snapshot census” of people experiencing homelessness in the Stanislaus community, according to information provided by county officials.

The count includes people who, on the night of the count on Jan. 26, are:

Sheltered (living in emergency shelters or transitional housing) or;

Unsheltered (staying outdoors or places not designed for habitation including vehicles, streets, parks and abandoned buildings).

“The PIT Count is an essential element in our effort to end homelessness, as the data gathered from this census shows us so much more than how many people are homeless in Stanislaus – we also learn more about who is homeless and why,” officials noted.

Volunteers are required to attend training prior to the PIT Count.

The 2023 Homeless PIT Count presents a great opportunity to raise awareness of the myriad challenges local homeless citizens face, hear personal experiences from those experiencing homelessness, and demonstrate the compassion and generosity of the Stanislaus community.

Volunteers will conduct surveys of people experiencing homelessness and hand out comfort kits (socks, hygiene supplies, resource information, etc.). Prior to the count, volunteers will select a specific location (city) within Stanislaus County to conduct surveys and completion of a 1.5-hour training is required for all volunteers (new and returning). The training includes information on safety, how to engage vulnerable populations, basic information about the 2023 Homeless PIT Count, and how to complete surveys via a mobile app.

Those interested in signing up to volunteer can register at