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Be inspired by 6 memorable movie teachers
Music of the heart (1999) - photo by Sarah Bringhurst
As school gets into full swing, many students are getting to know their teachers better. The powerful role teachers can play in the young minds of the future is truly inspirational. Here are some of the best teachers from the movies.

Roberta Guaspari

In Music of the Heart, Roberta turns her unfortunate circumstances into a beautiful opportunity when she becomes a violin teacher in Harlem, New York. Not only does she encourage her two young sons to rise above adversity, she also inspires an entire community to love music and value the potential inside every individual. By believing in so many children and giving them an opportunity to express themselves in a positive way, Roberta exemplifies the importance one caring and dedicated teacher can have on the lives of so many people.

John Keating

Dead Poets Society chronicles the lives of several young boys at a prestigious preparatory school. Contrary to the intensely traditional and conservative teachings of the other professors, Professor Keating presents the boys with a new way of thinking. Instead of simply following the paths laid out before them, Keating encourages each young man to explore all the world has to offer and find their own path and seize the day. No one can forget one of Robin Williams most memorable performances as John Keating, and any student would be fortunate to have such an inspiring teacher.

Erin Gruwell

Freedom Writers is based on the true story of Erin Gruwell, an English teacher in a racially divided high school in Los Angeles. Mrs. Gruwell challenges her underprivileged and at-risk teenagers to look past the apparent differences in their classmates and learn tolerance and acceptance by using literature and materials the students can relate to. This approach also leads the students to keeping their own journals to express their thoughts and experiences. Mrs. Gruwell leaves a lasting legacy in the lives of her students by giving them the power to share their life with others.

Mark Thackeray

It might be a little dated for todays audiences, but To Sir, with Love features a wonderful example of what it means to be a good teacher. Through the story of Mr. Thackeray, this movie explores both the struggles teachers can face and the successes of their students. Mr. Thackeray is given a difficult class of older students who just want to be adults, but arent quite there yet. This talented teacher meets the needs of his students by giving them the necessary skills to be independent and productive members of society after graduation.

Miss Honey

Roald Dahls childrens masterpiece, Matilda, is full of imaginative characters, and one of the best teachers a kid could ever wish for. Matildas teacher, Miss Honey, is such a sweet, nurturing person that its no wonder all the children love her, especially Matilda. Despite the personal struggles she faces, Miss Honey dedicates herself to her students and teaches them to always find the good things in the world. Miss Honey quickly sees Matildas incredible talent not just her telekinesis and motivates her to never stop learning.

Charles Xavier

Professor Charles Xavier knows firsthand what its like to be different. Thats why he creates a special school for other gifted individuals and ultimately forms the X-Men. X-Men is full of dynamic characters, all with special talents, but none of the characters are as essential to the story as Professor Xavier. It helps that he is gifted with telepathy, but Professor Xavier has his own way of caring about his students and knowing what is going on in their lives. He invests personally in each and every person who comes to his school, and thats a quality any good teacher should strive to possess.

Who are your favorite teachers from the movies?