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Oakdale Museum Slates June 16 Opening
Barbara Torres, vice president of the Friends of Oakdale Heritage (FOH) looks over a Graphophone at the Oakdale Museum. The museum is scheduled to reopen Tuesday, June 16. - photo by CRAIG MACHO/THE LEADER
The Friends of Oakdale Heritage (FOH) has announced they will reopen the Oakdale Museum on Tuesdays from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. beginning June 16. The group received the keys to the facility on May 6, and since then has been working to prepare the museum for visitors.
FOH plans to eventually extend these hours, but wanted to open at least once a week so residents could see the progress they’re making, according to Barbara Torres, vice president of FOH.
“Eventually, the museum will be open more often, but this is a start. Our displays will be minimal at first, but we felt it important to be responsive to the mood of the general public, who’ve been asking when the museum would be open,” Torres said. “We’re hoping for patience and understanding as we take on the task of making the vast collection of artifacts accessible once again.”
Torres said the cooperative efforts of city manager Steve Hallam, parks and recreation director Cheryl Bolin and her staff, the Museum Commissioners and the FOH Board members, along with the approval of the Oakdale City Council for the Management/Operations Agreement on May 4, is what allowed the Oakdale Museum and History Center to open to the public.
Torres said although some exhibits are still a work in progress, visitors will find many interesting items on display.
“Our current display features musical instruments and ladies’ apparel found common between 1865 and 1930. Please drop by and check it out.”
In addition to being open on Tuesdays, individuals or groups of less than 12 may visit the museum on an appointment basis. Contact FOH president Don Riise at 505-1111 or Torres at 840-1411.