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Top Ten Most Popular Honeymoon Destinations
Couples looking for inspiration can consider the 10 most popular honeymoon locales as determined by a recent survey from

Couples have different ideas regarding what makes a great honeymoon destination. Some couples may want to spend their trips with toes in the sand as they relax on a secluded beach, while others might want to traverse rapids in a tandem kayak. There are simply no rules when it comes to choosing a honeymoon destination other than picking a place each person will enjoy. With that in mind, couples looking for inspiration can consider the 10 most popular honeymoon locales as determined by a recent survey from

1. United Kingdom: This might come as a surprise, but the most common honeymoon destination in 2022 was actually multiple destinations across the United Kingdom. A multi-city train trip through various parts of England and Scotland was the most popular honeymoon trip in 2022.

2. Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Honeymooners looking for something upscale can consider Dubai, which combines sun and sand with unrivaled luxury.

3. Paris, France: Little needs to be said about this European city considered one of the most romantic locales in the world.

4. Florida: Pristine beaches, awe-inspiring sunsets and seemingly endless sun and warmth made Florida the fourth most popular honeymoon destination in 2022.

5. Los Angeles: Los Angeles truly has it all, with sun-soaked beaches, world-renowned restaurants and, of course, Hollywood.

6. Madrid to Seville, Spain: Couples who want to make multiple stops can consider this popular option, which takes visitors from Spain’s capital and most populous city to one of its most historic and unique destinations.

7. Rome, Naples and Amalfi Coast, Italy: A tour of three of Italy’s most wondrous locales needs no introduction, which is undoubtedly why these three places were a must-visit for many honeymooning couples in 2022.

8. St. Lucia: An idyllic island country in the eastern Caribbean, St. Lucia was recently named as one of the best places to visit in 2023 by Tripadvisor.

9. Iceland: Iceland has experienced a tourism boom in recent years as more and more people have discovered the unique beauty and extraordinary culture of this island nation in the North Atlantic.

10. The Maldives: An archipelagic state in South Asia, The Maldives has the lowest elevation of any country in the world, which means its temperatures are always hot and humid, making this an ideal stop for honeymooners who can’t wait to relax on a sunny, idyllic beach.