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Modestos unique coffee hangouts
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MODESTO – The office is driving you crazy, you’re on a deadline, and you need a place that you can plug-in and take care of the massive workload that is piling up in your inbox.

Look no further than your friendly neighborhood coffee shop.

While cyber cafes are nothing new, it’s become so commonplace for chain and independent coffee shops to offer WiFi for customers that they’ve become destinations for writers, independent contractors, and people who just need a place to relax for a few hours away from the standard grind.

And Modesto is no exception.

Here are a few places worth checking out if you need to get away for a while.

*Queen Bee – There are coffee houses, and then there are coffee houses – like Modesto’s Queen Bee on 14th Street. This unique haunt is starkly different that strip-mall spaces and corner lots because it’s actually a house that’s been converted into a coffee shop. That means that in addition to all of the comforts that come with hanging out in a home rather than a box, there’s also a unique layout that includes a back patio that houses stand-up comedians, bands, musicians and poets – all in a convenient Downtown Modesto location.

And then there’s the fare, which has its own steady diehard following. The lowest rating on most social media sits above four stars, which speaks to what the business offers and what helps make them great. 1126 14th Street.

*Preservation Coffee and Tea – This place might not be spacious, but they make up for it with out-of-this-world coffee and free WiFi and a cozy location right in the heart of Downtown Modesto. If you need to get away from the grind of the office, there isn’t a better place to go since it’s within walking distance of a good portion of the city’s major downtown businesses.

And if art is your thing, this unique space features a lot of it as well as events that showcase some of the best artists in Stanislaus County. It’s definitely something that should be checked out. 1030 J. Street.


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