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Hobbies That Suit A Summertime Vibe
Summer Hobbies
The best summertime hobbies are often those that help people take the relaxing nature of summer to the next level.
Summer is the season of R&R. When the mercury rises, who can resist a backyard hammock or the sound of waves lapping against a picturesque shoreline?


The relaxing nature of summer makes it the perfect season to revisit old hobbies or pick up new ones. Hobbies can run the gamut from the complex to the simple, but when choosing a habit to pick up this summer, individuals may want to look to these somewhat relaxing endeavors that are tailor-made for warm days and nights.


Reading: Individuals who have long wanted to read more should know that they’re not alone. A 2019 survey commissioned by the reading subscription service Scribd and conducted by The Harris Poll found that 35 percent of respondents wished they could read more. Finding time to read more may be difficult during spring, summer and fall, when parents must contend with their own hectic schedules as well as their children’s. Even individuals without children or empty nesters may find it difficult to carve out time to read in a typical day. But people who aspire to read more can take a book to the beach or out on the deck on a warm afternoon or evening. Leave the smartphone inside so you can relax and read distraction-free.


Gardening: Gardening is another hobby that coordinates well with a summertime vibe. Gardening gets people outdoors, giving them a chance to soak up some summer sun and engage in an activity that’s rewarding but not too physically demanding. One of the biggest attractions of gardening is that it can be enjoyed by people of all ages. That makes it an ideal hobby for busy families to enjoy together when their schedules slow down in the summer. It’s also a great way for adults to spend quality time with aging parents.


Photography: Summer seascapes and landscapes are awe-inspiring, making this an ideal time of year to take up photography. Novices can begin by utilizing their smartphone cameras to take snapshots of local landscapes. Once the skill of pointing and clicking has been honed, amateur photogs can graduate to more expensive and precise cameras.


Sailing/boating: Though it might involve a little more physical activity than reading, sailing and/or boating is an ideal summertime activity. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reports that nearly 40 percent of the United States population lives in a coastal area, making boating and sailing an accessible hobby for a significant percentage of Americans. Even those who live far away from the ocean undoubtedly live close to a river or lake. What better way to enjoy warm summer afternoons than on a boat?