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Fun Ways To Stay Cool

Summertime heat can affect energy levels and take their toll as heat waves overstay their welcome. Days upon days of rising mercury require enterprising individuals to find ways to stay cool.

Summer heat and humidity can be both daunting and dangerous. People who are unable to cool down and stay hydrated run the risk of heat stroke. Symptoms of heat stroke include a body temperature of 104 F or higher and feelings of confusion. The Mayo Clinic notes that heat stroke also may cause slurred speech, irritability and even seizures. Heat stroke is often identifiable by an absence of sweat, a rapid pulse and headache.

Staying cool should be a top priority when temperatures become extremely hot. Fortunately, there are fun ways to stay cool and beat the summer heat.

Visit the beach. Head to the seaside for a day of enjoyment on the coast. Temperatures tend to be cooler at the water’s edge, and there may be a nice breeze blowing in. In addition, you have water from the ocean, bay or lake to refresh you. Always use ample amounts of sunscreen and reapply often. Invest in a beach umbrella or pop-up tent that can shield you from the harsh rays of the sun. Bring a folding kiddie pool for young children and fill it up with ocean water close to your beach blanket so you can keep a close eye on youngsters as they do their best to stay cool.

Get wet in creative ways. Water balloon fights can be fun, and there are many additional and clever ways to get wet and cool off. If you have a trampoline, set a sprinkler or hose to mist and let the kids jump while getting wet. Jumping, in turn, will cause extra splashing. Give little kids a regular spray bottle they can use to spray plants, outdoor furniture, toys and even themselves. They’ll have a good time and stay cool in the process.

Set up an obstacle course outdoors where kids must run through sprinklers, jump through hoops and dive into the pool. The more variety you can create, the more likely kids will forget the heat and have fun.

Set up an ice-cream making adventure. Invest in an ice cream maker and spend a particularly hot day making your own flavors. When the ice cream is set, create a fixings bar with sprinkles and toppings.

Take a trip to the movies. Movie theaters often set their air conditioning systems to arctic levels, which can be just what the doctor ordered on a steamy day. Plan an excursion to the movies, taking advantage of matinee prices where available.

Visit an indoor ice rink. What better way to stay cool than to spend an afternoon ice skating? Channel winter temperatures during the heart of the summer heat. Remember to dress warmly as it will be cold indoors, and have a change of clothes ready when it’s time to head back into the summer heat.