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Mixed Results At Ripon For Swimmers

It was the first road meet of the season for the Oakdale High School swim teams. Friday, March 26 Oakdale went to Ripon to take on the Indians. Oakdale varsity boys came out on top 127-17; Oakdale’s varsity girls suffered a 124-45 loss and the junior varsity fell 43-17. Here is a look at those who placed in the top three of their events. Oakdale returns home for a meet against Sierra Thursday, April 1.



Kailey Ballantyne: 200 Yard Medley Relay with Kaci Jericoff, Morgan Thoni and Ellie Fox (Second place 2:10.79); 100 Yard Freestyle (Third place 1:08.59).

Ellie Fox: 200 Yard IM (Third place 2:50.28); 400 Yard Freestyle Relay with Ashlynn See, Marissa Raggio and Izzy Salzer (Third place 4:52.32).

Kaci Jericoff: 50 Yard Freestyle (Third place 29.95); 200 Yard Freestyle Relay with Ashlyn See, Marissa Raggio and Brooke Wheat (Second place 2:05.89).

Ashlynn See: 100 Yard Butterfly (First place 1:04.28).

Alexia Jablon: 100 Yard Backstroke (Third place 1:19.84); 100 Yard Butterfly (Third place 1:11.81).



Lucas Hardy: 200 Yard Medley Relay with Lorenzo Klose, Isaiah Hamby and Mathew Van Dyke ( First place 1:56.62); 200 Yard Freestyle (Third place 2:25.52) 200 Yard Freestyle Relay with Mathew Van Dyke, Jude Krick and Lorenzo Klose (First place 1:41.88); 400 Yard Freestyle Relay with Dyllon Jones, Cole Kirschner and Jude Krick ( Second place 4:05.59).

Jude Krick: 200 Yard Freestyle (First place 2:17.73).

Nick Dykzeul: 200 Yard Medley Relay with Dyllon Jones, Niko Klose and Wiley Ballantyne (Second place 2:00.00); 100 Yard Freestyle (Third place 1:00.50).

Jebb Fox: 200 Yard Freestyle (Second place 2:18.44); 100 Yard Backstroke (First place 1:13.50).

Dyllon Jones: 200 Yard IM (Second place 2:37.91) 200 Yard Freestyle Relay with Isaiah Hamby, Wiley Ballantyne and Niko Klose (Second place 1:42.11).

Niko Klose: 200 Yard IM (Third place 2:39.05); 400 Yard Freestyle Relay with Lorenzo Klose, Isaiah Hamby and Mathew Van Dyke (First place 3:46.60).

Wiley Ballantyne: 50 Yard Freestyle (First place 26.53).

Cade Gibson: 50 Yard Freestyle (Second place 27.45).

Luke Guignard: 50 Yard Freestyle (Third place 28.70); 100 Yard Breaststroke (Third place 1:25.74).

Mathew Van Dyke: 500 Yard Freestyle (First place 5:43.18).

Jordan Womack: 500 Yard Freestyle (Second place 6:02.09).

Ethan Espinosa: 100 Yard Backstroke (Second Place 1:15.86).

Roger Espinosa: 100 Yard Backstroke (Third place 1:24.28).

Kyle Martin: 100 Yard Breaststroke (First place 1:19.65)

Hayden Dickson: 100 Yard Breaststroke (Second place 1:19.81).



Annaliese Stueve: 50 Yard Freestyle (Third place 34.25).