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Meyer Duo Reflect On Coach, Athlete Relationship
All In The Family
Son-athlete Ryan, left, and dad-coach Tim Meyer reflect on their time together at Oakdale High School in the golf program. This photo was taken when Ryan qualified for the first stage of the US Open. He will continue his golf career in college this fall at the University of Arizona. Photo Contributed

It does not happen very often, but when it does; it is a unique experience. The father-son bond is a treasure, but to also call your dad your coach, is truly special. Oakdale High School’s Tim Meyer got the opportunity to coach his son, Ryan, the past four years on the golf course.

“I really enjoyed having the opportunity to coach Ryan,” said Tim Meyer. “I feel very fortunate that we were able to get to work together along with coach (Lee) McGhee during Ryan’s high school career.”

Ryan will be attending University of Arizona this fall and credits his dad with his success.

“I give a lot of credit to my dad because even before I started high school we worked a lot together,” the younger Meyer said.

Ryan began playing golf at a young age and Coach Meyer noticed the potential in his son very early on.

“When Ryan began playing tournaments at the age of eight, and he won three of the five tournaments he played in I thought he was heading in the right direction. Then his sophomore year in high school a lot of college coaches began following him at tournaments.”

Ryan will go down as one of the most decorated boys golfers in Mustangs history. He was the winner of several major tournaments, including winning the CIF Northern California Championship and even made a trip to state.

“That is our favorite memory of playing golf at Oakdale High School; was winning CIF Northern California Championship and placing sixth at CIF State Championship.”

With Ryan leaving for Arizona this fall, both father and son are looking forward to seeing Ryan’s growth, in golf as well as academically.

“It will definitely be a change not seeing each other on a daily basis but we are both looking forward to the future. I am excited for Ryan to get out to University of Arizona to continue his education and golfing career,” said his dad.

Only time will tell what the future holds, but the two will always cherish their time at Oakdale High School, referring to the father-son coach-athlete experience as “fun and positive”.

Coach Meyer went on to say: “It was fun watching him mature as a person and as a player the past four years and I am very proud of him for all that he has accomplished on and off the golf course.”