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Dahm Shows Strong At National Physique Committee Event

They say time heals all wounds.

Well, for J.R. Dahm his wounds healed after one year.

In the summer of 2016 Dahm competed in the National Physique Committee (NPC) Junior Master Nationals and came away in seventh place, a showing that provided the hurtful ‘wounds.’ This year, Dahm returned to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania focused, determined and ready to improve on that previous showing.

“I took this year very seriously. I wanted to prove to myself and to everyone else that I belonged in the NPC. I just kept thinking about my disappointing performance in 2016. I trained for 12 months for this. For 12 months that’s all I thought about,” Dahm said.

His hard work paid off as he placed fourth in the Men’s Classic Physique Division resulting in Dahm receiving his pro card. He also competed in the Men’s Physique competition and placed second.

“This was redemption for me. It took a lot of hard work to sculpt my body to its condition. Over the last year, I switched gyms, I am now with the Machado family at Fitness Plus. I grew up in Oakdale and working out and training in Fitness Plus with the Machado family while I was in high school and college,” he explained. “To return here after an absence, it was the best decision I could make.”

When Dahm arrived in Pittsburgh he took it all in, however, remained focus and not intimidated by the competition.

“Last year I think I was caught off guard to some degree. The difference was before going to the east coast, I competed in the San Jose competition and it relaxed me and also prepared me. It was the first show I did since last summer. My wife, who is also a body builder, told me to just relax and have fun,” Dahm noted. “I also hired a coach. My coach is a National Champion in body building and he actually competed against me last year. So I turned to him for help and he turned my outlook on competing around. Needless to say, I took first in San Jose. I prepared for it for about two weeks.”

Day one of the competition Dahm competed in the Classic Physique Division. In that portion, competitors are in their boxer briefs. The competitors are allowed multiple poses. Dahm, who just turned 40 years old, competes in the 35 and older division.

“There were over 1,000 guys in the contest, and they are all over the map. Florida champion, Texas champion and me being the California champion; it was a stacked house,” he said.

Dahm also competed in the Men’s Physique and earned second in that division. In the Men’s Physique it focuses more on the upper body as opposed to the overall package.

“Men’s Physique is fairly new, but this was the second time I have ever competed in that. With over 40 guys in that division to take second is a major accomplishment for me,” said Dahm. “I was very happy with my performance. To take home two pro cards that weekend is a dream come true.”

And a good way to heal some wounds.