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Wear good shoes inside your house
More From Mollette 6-19-24

It’s better to work a job you enjoy than a job you hate. You will eventually fail at the job you hate. If you love your work, you don’t mind making less money but chances are more money will eventually be made from the work you love than from the work you hate.

Save a few dollars every time you receive a check. Eventually the money will grow. Start as young as possible. The money you save between 18-24 years old will grow to a larger amount than the money you save between 25 and 32 because it will have more time to grow. Bankers love my $6 a month story. Harold Rice was a deacon at Liberty Baptist Church outside of Paintsville, Kentucky. I served the church at the ripe old age of 16 years of age. The second year I served the church they asked me to serve as pastor with a grand salary of $60 per month plus $6 per month retirement. This only lasted about a year because I moved on to college. However, the 12 months or so that was paid into the retirement fund has grown to over $60,000. If the retirement fund had been started at age 50 there would be very little in that fund. Regardless of your age you can benefit from being a good steward and putting some aside every week or month.

Always wear shoes inside your house. Most of the time people take their shoes off in the house but this is not a good idea for your feet. This is according to my foot and ankle doctor. I broke my left foot three years ago in three places and am very careful today about where I step and try to watch every step I take. I don’t want to repeat history. My doctor told me to buy a good pair of shoes with good support to wear in the house. He said traditional house shoes are not a good idea because they rarely offer good foot support or are protective when it comes to running into furniture or the doorways.

Eat a biscuit and gravy on occasion. Maybe one serving a month will not hurt us too bad. I hadn’t had a biscuit and gravy in years but ordered one recently. Our local diner has a good biscuit and gravy with eggs, sausage and hash browns. It was so delicious I was smacking my mouth singing hey baby it’s alright. My wife is concerned that I’m about to get on a biscuit and gravy tangent and honestly, I am close to just going crazy but so far, I have been able to resist going back to the diner and ordering again. I do believe in a week or two that I can splurge again and it won’t hurt me too bad. That biscuit and gravy just hit the spot. Don’t you think that occasionally it’s better to hit the spot, than not? I get sick and tired of chewing on salad. Eating these salads all the time has just about worn my jaws out.

These are just a few tips to help us all get by this week.


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