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Letter to the Editor 6-5-2019
letters to the editor

Dear Editor,

In April of 2019, Oakdale community members and organizations were again helped by volunteers of the LOVE OAKDALE project. Gina McCarty and her LOVE OAKDALE committee did a great job in organizing the project and coordinating and supporting volunteers. Thanks also to the City of Oakdale workers for their participation.

This year, the Oakdale Citizens Cemetery benefitted from the efforts of hard working groups from the Sunrise Rotary Club, Redeemer Church, family groups and lone volunteers.

They showed up with enthusiasm, energy and equipment – tackling a big area in the front of the cemetery – mowing, weed eating, raking and loading the huge growth of weeds that had overwhelmed the cemetery this year after late, heavy rains.

Gilton Solid Waste Management, Inc., supplied a large industrial bin for refuse. They are much appreciated for their support of this project as well as their ongoing support to the cemetery throughout the year.

Oakdale Citizens Cemetery is grateful for the concentrated efforts of the LOVE OAKDALE volunteers, but we also appreciate the ongoing efforts of individuals and families who show support of the cemetery throughout the year. They maintain grave areas, disc fields, haul tree refuse, donate materials and more. We thank them!

The cemetery is a non-profit 501(c)(13) entity. Supported only by the sale of graves and services we have many fixed expenses, always an uncertain flow of income. The Board is exploring the establishment of a Friends of Oakdale Citizens Cemetery group to help overcome some of the operational problems we must deal with. We hope you will watch for more information on this matter and if you have a desire to participate, please leave your name and contact number on the OCC office phone – 209-847-1189.

Again, we express thanks for the support of the Oakdale community and the generosity of our friends and neighbors.


The Board of Directors

Oakdale Citizens Cemetery