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Why Defeat Measure Y
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Dear Editor,

Citizens of Oakdale, once again you are asked to bear the burden of 20 years of irresponsible city management tolerated by tax and spend politicians. Measure “O” was approved in November 2011 after being touted by various proponents as funding for Police and Fire protection only. Though all funds spent in fiscal Year 2012-2013 were appropriately expended the presumption fostered by the proponents was that it was solely for Police and Fire. In this case presumption equated with reality to influence voters to support the measure. If Measure “Y” were to be 100 percent allocated to Police and Fire, which would require a 75 percent majority vote, it might be deemed appropriate. The case, however, remains that all that is necessary to sustain the measure is a simple majority which would allow revenue generated to accrue to the general fund. Also, to further the long range agenda of City council, Measure “Y” is proposed for 5 years rather than 3 years. I suspect that if it were to pass, 5 years from now they would still claim, due to unforeseen circumstances, that they were running in the “RED” again and another follow-on measure would be proposed thus making this a forever tax. Who knows they may even propose a higher percentage.

Why place the burden of incompetent city management upon the merchants of this city with a half-cent sales tax which will further stimulate buyers to make major purchases in Riverbank and Modesto, gas expenses notwithstanding?

To quote French statesman and financial reformer, Jean Baptiste Colbert: “The art of taxation consists in so plucking the goose as to obtain the largest amount of feathers with the least amount of hissing.”

Don’t be “hoodwinked” into voting for maintenance of a half-cent tax which will only solidify the continued reckless spending of City Government. Vote NO on Measure “Y”.

Richard Jorgensen