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Water Sale Or Water Sell-Out?
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Dear Editor,

The Modesto Irrigation District and the Oakdale Irrigation District water sale is being implemented by the same attorney, Tim O’Laughlin, who represents both Modesto Irrigation District and Oakdale Irrigation District in the deals. Do you think that is why Modesto Irrigation District calls it a San Francisco water sale, and Oakdale Irrigation District calls it a Brisbane water sale? Brisbane receives its water from San Francisco. This is a clear conflict of interest! Where is the California Bar Association in this? Are they just looking the other way? Once Modesto Irrigation District and Oakdale Irrigation District sell our water to San Francisco and i.e. … Brisbane, it will never come back, good sense tells us that. What is much worse, in the future anytime San Francisco needs more water they will sue the Districts and win! Why would a competent Oakdale Irrigation District Board allow San Francisco any type of connection to our Stanislaus River water rights? Is it so attorney O’Laughlin could then defend Oakdale Irrigation District water rights in the morning and Modesto Irrigation District rights in the afternoon? Owens Valley here we come!

Grover Francis