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Taking Care Of Business
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Dear Editor,I would like to thank Mayor Farrell Jackson and Chief of Police Marty West for their personal attention to our problem, which was the theft of our “Parts Drop Boxes” twice in Oakdale. We are Holt of California, a Caterpillar Tractor Dealer in Stockton/Modesto/Sacramento/Los Banos. We deliver parts daily to our customers in these areas. It is very important to our business. Twice over the last four years the “Drop Box” in Oakdale was stolen, lock, stock and barrel. I called Mr. Jackson and explained the situation and he had Chief West call me directly. The problem is methamphetamine and it is ongoing. He agreed to have the department keep an eye on it. Oakdale’s finest, at the direction of the Chief have deterred any further problems. We are currently able to serve our customers with the help of Mr. Jackson and Chief West.Thank you gentlemen,

Mark Vasko, Holt of California