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Spotlight On Issues
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Dear Editor,
The article ‘60-Day Out Clause Enacted’ brings to light several issues. Several years ago the ORFD Bond was passed to keep the Knights Ferry and Valley Home Stations manned. That continuous operation of these stations went by the wayside under budget restraints since that bond was passed, as confirmed by Kim Van Meter’s article in your May 25, 2011 issue. She cited “brown-outs” at both the Knights Ferry and Valley Home stations.
Our taxes didn’t “brown out” after we paid for the continuous operation of both stations. Why not? I guess we need to repeal that Bond in the next general election, as we’re not getting the services that the majority voted for and are paying for!
What exists here is a group of “professionals” who are more interested in keeping their retirement numbers growing rather than serving the tax paying constituents who got the proverbial ‘short end of the stick,’ or maybe better said, ‘the flames licking their behind!’
A few years ago, as a grass fire encroached my property from an adjoining parcel, a neighbor with a water truck arrived and started driving the pasture and putting the fire out. When ORFD arrived, from less than two miles away, and after the water truck was in action, ORFD told the water truck driver he had to leave. ORFD had not yet pulled a hose from the truck! I told ORFD “he’s staying!”
It’s time to abolish this tax burden and shut the stations down. Fires don’t have ‘brown out’ schedules. Neighbors will take care of neighbors as they have for the past 150 years here, and if all else fails, CDF will respond. It’s time for the over-taxed public to stand up and be counted to get what they are paying for … or in this case … not getting what they’re paying for!
Respectfully submitted,
Bill Rettke