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Set And Keep Record Straight
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Dear Editor,

First, I would like to reference Mr. Larry Kay’s letter to the editor on Sept. 15 “Study Both Candidates.” Mr. Kay stated Pat Paul favored years ago Riverbank’s Crossroads Shopping Center be located in Oakdale and that would be a wise business move. Like Mayor Jackson would have been against such a decision. He also favored such a move.

The fact is the Crossroads Shopping Center was built in Riverbank because of the population in Modesto’s east side combined with Riverbank’s population made the venture financially feasible for the investors involved. A population of at least 50,000 was required and Oakdale did not meet that criteria. Check it out.

Next, Mr. Kay stated Mayor Jackson is seeking the destruction of Oakdale’s Police force. To refute that I offer that at two recent City Council meetings during public comment I asked the Mayor and the City Council members if it might not be more cost effective to contract our public safety needs with the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department. On both occasions Mayor Jackson stated he does not and would not support that notion. Check it out. It’s in the public record.

As a side note, some council members, excluding Mayor Jackson, suggested contacting the Sheriff’s office for information regarding an officer-to-officer cost comparison to determine the feasibility and cost effectiveness of contracting out for Police service. Again, this information is in the public record.

So let’s provide facts and not the rhetoric of Paul-itics as usual. Vote for Mayor Jackson.


Frank J. Kaiser