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School Board Choices Clear
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Dear Editor,
I am writing to encourage our community to support School Board Candidates, Synthia Jones and Tina Shatswell. Oakdale classroom teachers, nurses, and counselors voted to support Synthia Jones and Tina Shatswell as candidates that they thought would benefit the vision for our students. They understand that our students in the classroom have to be the priority. Yes, budgetary issues are going to arise; yes, they will have to make decisions that may be difficult, but we do feel that they are the candidates ready to embrace the needs of students in the rigor of academics everyday! They will monitor and hold high the expectations for continued excellence in Oakdale schools. They will support the students, teachers, and administration who have worked so hard and will continue to excel in every measure of success.
Synthia Jones and Tina Shatswell are what the students of Oakdale need, an insurance that students are the most important aspect of Oakdale. Our students are our leaders of tomorrow. Let’s give them best we possibly can. Please vote for Synthia Jones and Tina Shatswell for Oakdale School Board.
Stacy Graham
Oakdale Teacher’s
Association President