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Response To Chief
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Dear Editor,

We have a chief who offers a bribe of sorts to officers by inferring a better contract possibility for doing a favor for his buddy, Mayor Jackson.

A chief who starts a $4,000 investigation, at our expense, to find the person who embarrassed him, for his own ineptness for not checking the sign out log.

How can we forget the Bay Area attorney hired by city officials to help the chief try to punish one of our finest officers because the mayor became embarrassed. All at our expense. I’m sure we all remember that story.

The ice bomb incident only adds to the list of favoritism and special treatments given to friends and certain city officials.

Now he claims, newly elected city councilmen are fulfilling campaign promises. Well, duh! They were elected because of their promises, by a large amount of people (not a small group) who agree with them, including our new mayor, and are not happy with the chief’s performance.

He then claims a group of officers refused to be held accountable. That’s funny, coming from a chief who refuses to be held accountable for a grand jury report, stating: Chief West used poor judgment and leadership in the ice bomb incident. I, and many others, believe an investigation should be launched into possible criminalities done by his actions.

I’m sure there are other incidents that haven’t made the paper but should be brought up. What’s it going to take? We need a new chief in Oakdale. One who isn’t divisive. One who helps morale, not hurts it. One who has a strong moral compass.

A very concerned citizen of Oakdale for 68 years,

Terry Reiff