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First and foremost I want to express my appreciation for those of you who supported my candidacy for the Oakdale Joint Unified School District Board. I will always do my best to meet your expectation. I also want to thank all of you who went out and voted. Voting for a candidate of your choice is the foundation of our government.

This is an extraordinary school district. It is so well balanced. Here’s what I mean:

All of our programs, the academics, the sports, the arts are all supported and are all represented from grades one through grade 12. No one sport, no one program dominates over the other disciplines. It’s a balance we need to maintain.

Our community support through the various booster clubs, the incredible Oakdale Education Foundation and the individual community members who volunteer their time to help. There are so many of you out there.

Our teachers and our administrators, ALL of whom are needed to deliver a quality level of education, learning, training and support that makes OJUSD the envy of the county.

I am so very proud to be a part of you. Where we’ve come in the past 12 years with facilities, band, sports, academics, openness, community involvement, and where we’re going in the next four is impressive and will be impressive to watch. I know, our Board knows, and our leadership knows that the next two fiscal years are going to be tough, there’s no getting around that, there’s only getting through it …together.

Again, thank you very much. See you behind the lines and in the trenches.

Mike Tozzi