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PG&E Corporation Monopoly
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Dear Editor,

Raise your hand if you’ve had enough of PG&E Corporation’s media assault on our intelligence and wallets. Proposition 16 as we all know by now is written by PG&E, for PG&E and funded by PG&E.  The “Taxpayers Right To Vote Act” attempts to take the average voter, who has spent little time reading the meaning of its content, to the voter’s booth to vote for a slogan. Their advertising blitz is funded by their ratepayers (35 million and counting) who will ultimately pay for it when the CPUC accepts PG&E’s application to increase electrical rates to maintain their 11 percent return to shareholders because of it.

Proposition 13 passed with 65 percent of the vote.  Do you really believe any local government could get 66 percent of the vote to relieve PG&E of its overpriced, ever burdensome rate increases if the majority (50 percent +1) wanted to? Not going to happen. Please don’t pass on to future generations this shackle on their wallets and ability to search out cheaper, greener sources of competitive electricity. The PG&E Corporation Monopoly Protection Act of 2010 benefits only PG&E and no one else.

Kurt Danziger