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Our Choice Is Kjeldgaard
Letter To The Editor 02-08-23
Letters to Editor

Dear Editor,

People say that it’s not what you know, but who you know. Whether that’s true or not, the who and the what are important.

Who we know is Eric Kjeldgaard, candidate for OJUSD Area 2 Trustee. Eric has been an active, engaged part of the Oakdale community for going on 20 years. Eric is a husband, father, grandfather, educator, farmer, and an advocate for children and education. Eric has a true heart for service, children, family values, education and his community.

What we know is that Eric Kjeldgaard embodies the Oakdale spirit and the qualities that we all want in our community leaders. With character and tenacity, Eric stands for our hometown values, traditions, and best interests of our school district. Eric is a thinker who educates himself in order to be a respectful, effective leader. Eric is committed to our children, our families, and our community needs. Eric will represent OJUSD with a voice of reason, intelligence, and integrity.

Who we know is Eric Kjeldgaard, candidate for OJUSD Area 2.

What we know is that Oakdale needs Eric Kjeldgaard as our OJUSD board member.

Please join us in our support of Eric Kjeldgaard!


Gary and Amy Osmundson