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O.I.D. Surplus Water?
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Dear Editor,

Are you using the Clinton Dictionary to define what “is” “IS”? Water overflowing Melones Dam “is” surplus.

Water flowing from an artesian well “is” surplus.

If the water table is so high, you are growing water lilies in your orchard that “is” a surplus. What “is” not a surplus is pumping ground water from the Oakdale area aquifers to sell. The definition of a district is one certain area with borders, not something over a hundred miles away. As far as fallowing the land it wasn’t so many years ago we were charged a ground water recharge fee because of flood  irrigation. “Is” shipping the water south recharging the ground water?

When you build your new administration building the sign on it should read “Oakdale Irrigation District, a Division of Westlands Water District.”

O.I.D., you can put a screen door on a submarine, but you are going to have a hard time convincing people it will hold water.

Tom Gookin