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More Support For West
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Dear Editor,
After reading several articles about the negative publicity regarding Police Chief Marty West, I just felt that I needed to speak up and have my voice heard.
I met Chief Marty a couple of years ago at one of the Neighborhood Watch meetings. I was impressed by his genuine concern for the City of Oakdale, his willingness and dedication for making Oakdale a great city in which to live and raise a family. I feel he is easy to talk to and is truly interested in what the concerns are for all citizens of Oakdale. I found that he is very approachable and is willing to answer any questions posed to him.
I worked in the corporate environment for 36 years before retiring and often I was called upon to make decisions that were not popular with my employees, but due to the needs of the business, those tough decisions had to be made. I often did not agree with the corporate decisions, but I was required to implement changes that had personal impacts to members of my department. In those cases, I just accepted the fact that I must salute and march on.
I realize that the economy is not what any of us would choose, and unfortunately, budgetary constraints are hurting everyone. It is not his personal decision to reduce personnel, but must do what is necessary to meet the budgetary requirements imposed upon him by the City Council.
I want to stand up and publicly support Chief Marty West and encourage others to do so. I think Oakdale is lucky to have a caring and experienced law enforcement individual.
Have a Great Day!
Ann Canen,