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Let The Public Comment
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Dear Editor,
I, Bobby E. Goad, was denied to ask three questions by OID President Jack Alpers (Aug. 4, 2009 OID board meeting). Jack Alpers said he would throw me out, after I disagreed with him.
If he had asked me to leave, I would have, but would have found out the legal part later.
I did leave.
If a subject is to be spoken about and Jack Alpers squashes it by not allowing questions and statements by some individuals, the OID board will likely let things pass that would not pass if OID board members knew the whole story.
By the way, if all board members knew what people may tell, it would slow up special treatment and save money.
Why not be 100 percent fair with the time people have to speak, or don’t have a public hearing (comment) at all?
Please, public, take back control of OID when you vote.
Bobby E. Goad