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High School Shows Worth The Trip
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Dear Editor,

My four-year-old daughter and I attended an afternoon showing of Aladdin at the OHS Theater when they put on the production in the fall. I wanted to thank all those involved for making this production something to be proud of. My daughter was enchanted from start to finish. It was evident that everyone worked very hard from sets and costumes to acting and direction. Those taking tickets and handing out programs were courteous.

After the show, we happened to meet some of the cast. They were very nice to my daughter and got down to her level to thank her for coming. She raved about meeting such famous people in person! On the way home from the show she said, “I want to be in a play someday.”

Thanks to all who made this a memorable event. You are an example to many about the importance of keeping the arts in our lives and our schools. Thanks again.


Jenny Cahoon