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Concerned About Coverage
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Dear Editor,I would like to clear up the issue of the comment I made on CBS 13 which aired February 29, regarding the photograph of Oakdale native Sergeant Brandon Morgan and his boyfriend.I am interested in becoming a journalist and, when I saw the news van, approached the reporter and her cameraman. The reporter offered to interview me, showed me the photograph and asked me what I thought of it. My immediate reply was that the First Amendment states that we have the right to freedom of speech and expression of our opinions and beliefs. I said that Morgan had every right to express himself in that way. That was my opinion of the photograph. That was what the reporter asked for, but she ignored the larger context of my answer and reported something I added as a personal side note before I reiterated that he had every right under the First Amendment.She took what I said out of context in desperation to create a conflict of opinion.I am a Christian and I do not advocate homosexuality. However, I am proud of Sergeant Morgan. Proud of him for defending my country and the rights that I am privileged to. I appreciate his truthfulness and honesty. And I thank him for it.In this case as an aspiring journalist my role model is no longer the inaccurate reporter, but the courageous Marine.Sincerely,Moriah Basnight