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Call Out For Tower Return
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Dear Editor,

A very sad thing happened at the Learning Tree Preschool during the weekend of April 24. Our computer tower (HP a6400f) was stolen. Thankfully, our accounting program was backed up on April 5, and no personal information was jeopardized. However, 65 children are graduating on May 26, and we were preparing a slide show for the ceremony. For the entire year, we have been taking pictures of all the children and now they are all lost. If you, or someone you know, has stolen our computer tower and would like to redeem yourself, please return it to our school (1480 Poplar St.), no questions asked. You can leave it by our door in the middle of the night or drop it off in the parking lot. We are located on church grounds and we believe the break-in was on a Sunday.

Not only is the break-in and theft a crime, you are also messing with God’s house! Take the opportunity now to do the right thing.

Thank you,

Jonyce O’Neill,