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Bushwacker Parade Entry Kudos
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Dear Editor,

The Oakdale Community Garden Club thanks the hard work of Oakdale High School students in constructing a head of Bushwacker, the national champion rodeo bull recently retired to a ranch outside Oakdale. The Club wanted to salute Bushwacker as part of their annual Rodeo Parade float. We created a wood framework and the National Art Honors Society of Oakdale High took over. They used chicken wire to shape the head and papier-mâché to form it. Then they painted it to resemble Bushwacker. At six feet tall and four foot square, the head was imposing. The Club added a snorting effect with a CO2 fire extinguisher. The participating students were Grace Hanley, Russell Pabalan, Anne Homer, Jacob Holdaway, Olivia Garcia, Eoin Noblett, Cesar Garcia (who also rode on the float), Alice Yu, and Anna Wong. Thanks to one and all.

Michael Ward, Float Chairperson

Oakdale Community Garden Club