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Being Held Hostage
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Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter to comment on an Oakdale Leader article of February 9, 2011, titled “Police Concerns Resurface” written by Richard Paloma. I do not take exception to Mr. Paloma’s reporting but to what he is reporting about.

The city of Oakdale is being subjected, in my opinion, to an assault by a union, Operating Engineers Local 3, and a public safety organization, the Oakdale Police Officer’s Association and its members. This assault has been going on for quite some time. If it’s not the Chief of Police who makes these people unhappy it’s their salaries and benefits.

It is a very sad day when a union and its members can become a source of disorder and are able to create discontent within a city as these two entities are doing within our city. The approach being used by these organizations, though, is not unique.

For a shocking eye opener I urge the reader to go to website address on the internet to view the battle plans encouraged for use by law enforcement employees and their unions; a battle plan being followed by the union and Police Officers Association here in Oakdale.

If these people are allowed to succeed what will come next. Will it be “do as we say and pay what we demand or we’ll keep Oakdale tied up in knots” or “we’re not going to work very hard at keeping you all safe”!

I would venture a guess that Oakdale could rid itself of its disgruntled cops, hire a new force willing to work without union representation, and go back to being a peaceable wonderful little city that it can be without a body of 20 causing headaches for a body of 20,000. Think about it.


Frank J. Kaiser