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Nydahl obit pic
Clif (Nozdog) W. Nydahl Sr., was born on April 12, 1953 and died on April 12, 2020. Clif was preceded in death by his mother Hazel Perry, adoptive grandparents Jack and Dorothy Nydahl.
Clif is the father of five children, Timothy Wm. Chandler, Wendi Leann Stryd, Jeremy Wayne Lefaive, Teejay Ann Nydahl, and Clif Wayne Nydahl Jr. He is also the grandfather of 17, Claudia, Cassidy, Claighton, Shanntel, Wyatt, Jordyn, Joey, Jessey, Tylan, Taryn, Bella Lynn, Jeremy, Jaxyn, Jaetyn, Jailyn, Jurney and Jamesyn and great grandfather of one, Amelia Rose.
Clif was born in L.A., Calif. and came to live with his grandparents Dorothy and Jack Nydahl in Oakdale from the time he was a baby. When Clif was three-years-old he was feeding cows in the milk barn and soon learned the daily goings on of the life of a dairyman.
Clif and his wife Patricia met at the early age of 15, when her father worked for his dad. From there on they were high school sweethearts. Clif played a lot of sports in high school, his passions were football and baseball and he was great at both. After high school, Clif enlisted in the Navy, there he earned an honorable discharge. After coming home Clif played for the Lodi Dodgers farm club, he was the old man on the team at the age of 22; the best catcher on the team. From there on he played all over northern and southern California, earning the reputation he so greatly deserved. Clif was known as Nozdog diving for balls on the field. His competitive nature followed him through his adult life earning all those MVP, rings and tournament trophies of multiple games and tournaments. Clif lived for the love of the game whether it was being a mentor to kids or coaching adults. Clif also loved to umpire where his reputation soon followed. As time went on Clif played less and less and continued his love of the game by coaching and umpiring. His knowledge of the game was immeasurable; no one could ever come out on top of him. Up until his passing Clif always never gave up, whether it was a ordering a new bat for him or family or assisting and visiting the many friends he left behind.
He will forever and always be a part of me for I haven’t only lost my husband but mostly my best friend. Until we meet again, Nydahl, forever in my heart.
There are so many memories of Clif, or ‘tata’ as many of his children and grandchildren called him. Here are a few written by them.
Claudia: My fondest memory of my grandfather that I had was when growing up he would take me to all his softball games and taught me so many things in life that I’ll never forget. He raised me my whole life and was like a father to me. I’m so thankful for everything he did for me. I love you tata and I’m going to miss you forever. Thank you for everything.
Jeremy Lefaive: Something I will always remember and I use now, is how dad was able to give advice and teach lessons by telling stories. He was able to relate, and at the end there was always a laugh to be had.
Jordyn: I have many memories of my tata that I will cherish dearly. He was such a stubborn man, but that was how he showed his love. You would always see him smiling the most on the field. My tata had taught me so much about softball that would, in some ways, pass on to my everyday life. Most of my favorite memories were either on the field watching him play or just sitting at their house listening to him tease everyone who came through the door. I was never able to walk past tata without getting bonked on the head and then pulled in for a hug, followed by a noogie. He was a genuine, good man that everyone knew and loved dearly. I know he’s up there hitting home runs farther than ever. I love you very much tata, will see you again someday. Keep your eye on the ball.
Clif Jr.: Thirteen years old playing my first game with him at Rainbow Fields and I turned a double play with him, he was playing short and I was playing second. That was my first game I’ve played in slowpitch softball with him. First play got a double play with him also out hit him too. I was 2-for-3 and he was 1-for-3 and teammates were making fun of him.
Taryn: I loved when he would come to visit me he would bring cool softball stuff and hang out with us. I’ll always remember the ring he gave me, I keep it in a special place.
Tylan: My favorite memories of tata was playing T-ball in his backyard and him coming to my last football game, going to Chuck E. Cheese for my birthday and giving me his softball shirt and his ring.
Cassidy: There are many memories that I have with my grandpa that I will hold and cherish forever. The fondest most special memory to me that he taught me and I will forever do is playing until I can’t no more (just like he did) it’s the love of the game! Softball will always and forever hold a special place in my heart, for that was a part of me, since I was in diapers because of my grandpa’s love for the game. Tata I will never forget the times we shared on and off the field! The things you taught me about the game and life will always be a part of who I am today. I will always remember the times when we were driving to your games and me and Claudia were in the backseat singing all your Journey and Bon Jovi songs. You always asked us who sang it and of course most of the time we answered wrong, you would then tell us who sang it and then some. You were the most intelligent person I have ever known. Even though sometimes you thought you knew it all. There’s so many memories we share and this could go on forever. But for now until I see you again I’ll just leave it with a ‘see you later!’, like you would always say.
Bella: I was excited when he brought out my first bat for me signed with my name.
Wendi: The passing of my dad made me realize how short life truly is and you never think about losing a parent. He was always there for me and I always knew he was one phone call away, if ever I needed anything. So many fun life memories even if we didn’t see each other all the time. I love you and I will miss knowing that you’re just a call away. Thank you for being an amazing tata to my kids and always being there for me. R.I.P. dad, fly high to the ball field in the sky. Love you always.
Tim: I think one of the greatest memories I have of my dad is sitting and listening for hours, ‘cause you know he could talk (lol) of all the softball stories of when he was in his younger days. His knowledge of softball was frightening. When I decided to start up a girls fastpitch team he was right there to help in all the coaching and teaching the girls all the fundamentals. Having that one on one with the old man, something I will always remember. Hit one out dad for me and Maddy. Dad, until we all meet again, as you would always say, ‘Later’.
Teejay: I have so many wonderful memories with my dad, it’s so hard to pick just one. I do remember my dad telling me when I was about six months old, him and a choice few of his high school friends would come over to our trailer and rock out with all electric guitars and an amp hooked up with the girlfriends of his friends singing in the background, this is when we lived on Victory Road in Oakdale. Since then I can sleep through anything. To this day when my dad would blare his music in his room I could sleep right through it. I also loved it when he would be at all my gymnastic shows and competitions, he would ne the photographer for the team.
I will miss my dad so much, he has done so much for me and my children, I could never in my lifetime pay him back. I love you dad and will never forget all the great memories and stories. You will forever be in my heart.
Alexa: Oh great, we got another dumb blonde in the family was tata’s way of welcoming me into the family. For everyone who knew my grandpa, that was his way of showing he loved you, by giving you a hard time … like they always say, first they’re sour then they are sweet! Tata’s love for softball could make everyone love the sport, we knew if we wanted to get tata talking, all we had to do was bring up softball, that was his passion and he was phenomenal at it. I will miss those simple days where we would be driving on the country roads blasting oldies in his car, the orange Challenger that he was so proud to drive.

The Oakdale (Calif.) Leader

May 6, 2020