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Voters Agree To Extend Sales Tax

Measure H was approved with nearly 74 percent of the vote on Tuesday, Nov. 5, with voters agreeing to extend the existing half-cent sales tax in Oakdale.

Money from the measure is earmarked primarily for public safety, including police services, as well as street sweeping and some senior citizen programs.

The extension will begin when the previous measure expires, in April 2020, and will be in effect for 11 years.

Voting on Tuesday saw a total of 1,266 ‘yes’ votes for Measure H, 73.69 percent compared to 452 ‘no’ votes, or 26.31 percent. A total of 1,718 votes were cast and the approval of Measure H will allow the city to continue a number of services uninterrupted.

Meanwhile, Oakdale voters were also asked to vote on whether the City Clerk position should be an appointed post as opposed to an elected one. That vote was closer but 964 voters, 57.20 percent, said ‘no’ to appointing a clerk, preferring the election option. There were 722 votes cast in favor of appointment, for 42.80 percent, with a total of 1,687 votes cast on Measure I.

Look for additional information and comment on the vote outcome in the Nov. 13 issue of The Leader.