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Valley Home News for May 1, 2013
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If you haven't gotten around to marking your calendars for the St. Luke's fundraising afternoon of Silent Movie films coming up on May 19th, be certain to grab a pen, circle the date, and plan on attending for an afternoon of silent screen comedy that will keep you in stitches. There will be four silent movies shown that day from what we have been told. We have only received the titles of two of them thus far and we will announce the titles of the other two when they are made available. In addition to the silent comedies, we will once again have the pleasure of listening to Dave Moreno take us back in time with his musical talent bringing the historic church organ come to life during the film showing. What a wonderful treat to sit back and enjoy Dave Moreno bring the old Coney Island organ back to life, with his talented fingers. Matias Bombal will also be appearing, and giving us a peek back in time with his clever patter and musical talent.

The first film to be shown is entitled "1-A.M. which was released in August, 1916 and is a unique Charlie Chaplin silent film that was created by Mutual Films. It was the first film that he starred in alone, except for a brief scene in which Albert Austin appears as cab driver. Chaplin plays the role of a wealthy man coming home late, after too much to drink. He only wants to go to bed, but everything he encounters, including two stuffed animals, seems bent on keeping him from his goal. This is the first film in which Chaplin starred in alone and his style of slapstick comedy just flows.

The Laurel and Hardy film entitled Double Whoopee was made in 1929. Laurel and Hardy play the roles of a footman and doorman at an upper class hotel. The duo manage to mess their duties up at the hotel door, each fighting to open the door for exiting guests and managing to wreak their usual havoc on the hotel guests, including partially undressing a swanky blond guest and also wreaking havoc on a haughty Prussian nobleman.

Well, obviously all this slapstick comedy will give viewers an excuse to restore all the energy used in laughing during the movies by visiting the area in the church basement and where they can enjoy a delicious serving of ice cream and pie. A dish of ice cream by itself is free, however, there is a charge of $3 for a piece of homemade pie topped with ice cream. If you would like to take home a 5 inch fruit pie (deeper size) of Rhubarb, Strawberry, Raspberry or Apricot, you may call Lois Hofmann at 847-0733 to order now.

As always, there is no fee charged to enjoy the comedy films, however, a donation is appreciated and is used for the upkeep of the Church.