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VALLEY HOME NEWS for June 9, 2009
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Last week a copy of an email was received from Melinda Koppinger, the departing editor of the Valley Home 4-H Bug asking members running for office in the upcoming fall 4-H club to submit letters telling what office they are seeking and why. This week I would like to share with Valley Home News column readers these letters.

“Hi, my name is Marybeth Carpenter, I hope you will vote for me to be your secretary this year. Thank you for your vote.”

“Hello, I am Hailey Smith, and I am running for the Bug. The reason why I would be a good Bug Editor is because even at the age of 10 I am very responsible and a good writer. As Bug Editor I will send a letter to every 4-H member on time telling them the right information they need for 4-H. The information the members will receive will be about upcoming events and meetings. Thank you for your vote. Hailey Smith.”

“Hi! I’m Jenna Heaton and I am running for president. I hope to make next year a very fun year, have lots of fun activities, and make the meetings useful, fast, and interesting. I have been an officer for five years now and feel I have the experience and enthusiasm to be a great president! Working together I know we can make Valley Home 4-H the best it can be!”

“Hi. My name is Nathan Soares and I would like to be Supply Chairman because I have been in 4-H for six years and I have never been an officer. It important to me that people support 4-H by buying shirts and hats and I will try my best to encourage that.”

“Hi. My name is Jordan McCain and I am running to be the 2010-2011 Valley Home vice-president. I think I would be a good vice-president because I have been in 4-H for seven years and know how to run meetings. If the president is ever absent I am fully capable of taking over.”

“Hi. My name is Maci. I have been in 4-H for one year. I would like to be sergeant of arms because you get to say “ready salute” for the flag salute. Thank you.”

“Dear 4-H, I would like to be historian because I LOVE to take pictures and make scrapbooks. One time I made a very pretty scrapbook for my BFF. And she loved it. And I am very crafty with anything. I can turn something boring into something great. So I would love to be your Valley Home Historian. Thank you, Kiley Rinna.”

“Hi! My name is Cody Bartholomew and I am running for sergeant of arms because I love 4-H. Thank you.”

This week’s message from Melinda ended with “these are your nominees, thank you for voting!” The meeting was a pot-luck on Tuesday, June 9, at the church. A thank you was included from your departing Bug Editor, Melinda Koppinger.


Happy Anniversary wishes go this week to two of our Valley Home couples. Heading our list of celebrants are Joe and Linda Perez who celebrated their 23rd Anniversary on Sunday. Adele and Eldon Angle will celebrate their 27th Anniversary on Thursday. Loads of Happy Anniversary wishes to both couples from all their Valley Home friends and neighbors!