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Valley Home News for June 29, 2011
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Let’s have a big round of applause for Valley Home 4-H’ers, Samuel Fletcher, Heidi Schaefle and Jenny Schaefle who competed in 4-H State Presentations on May 28th during the State 4-H Field Day at UC Davis. They worked diligently for several months on their presentations, earning gold awards at the county and regional levels which entitled them to compete in State Presentation Day. In Sam’s demonstration titled “Ready, Aim, Fire” he taught the audience how to make a sling shot out of a “V” shaped tree branch. Heidi’s prepared informational speech, “Rude Awakening” educated the audience about Multiple Sclerosis — its definition, symptoms and treatments. Jenny’s illustrated talk titled “Moo Models” covered the six main breeds of dairy cattle. Information included breed origination, physical characteristics and production statistics. The three 4-H’ers did a great job! We are very proud of their efforts in representing Valley Home 4-H at 2011 County, Regional and California State Presentation Days!


Let’s hear a big round of applause for our young Valley Home artist, Bryce McKenzie. Bryce, a member of the Oak Valley Art Society had recently won a first place blue ribbon at the Railroad and Transportation Art show at Mary Beth’s Grand Central Station Restaurant in Oakdale with his colorful train engine drawing entitled “Whoo Whoo, Choo Choo, Here comes the Train” and the next stop for our budding artist were his entries in the Open Juvenile Division of the San Joaquin County Fair where he became the recipient of three second place ribbons for his drawings. Congratulations Bryce we are all proud of your artistic efforts!

We also want to mention that Bryce’s mom, Michelle McKenzie has just finished writing her first children’s book, entitled “Beaver’s Big Problem” and it will be released in stores July 5th by Tate Publishing & Enterprises. Michelle will have her first book signing for “Beaver’s Big Problem” on July 9th from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. at Once Upon a Child on McHenry in Modesto. Everyone is invited to attend. Pre-release copies of the book are also available now for purchase from Michelle or at


We have received an update from Michelle on criminal/suspicious activity going on in the area bordering East Valley Home area. Michelle shares some of the recent suspicious activities which have been reported. A report was made that an unsavory looking couple stopped at an elderly resident’s home, the male remained in the car, the female knocked on the door supposedly looking for someone who used to live there. Since the elderly resident has lived there for significant years, it is believed that the couple might have been casing the place.

A pedestrian believed to be male was observed walking and stopping in front of houses on Lone Tree near Henry at approximately 9:30 p.m. – 10 p.m. which looked suspiciously like another casing incident.

Another resident reported a 1980’s silver Ford Bronco II (small SUV) pulled into their driveway and a man walked all over the property, through an orchard and pump house and then drove away. He was observed by the resident. It is believed that this incident occurred during daylight.

Another incident was when a man pulled his pickup into a yard claiming he heard music and wanted to join the group. There was no music there or any coming from surrounding neighbors. After a few minutes of silence, the man left and headed back to the intersection as if he was turning westbound. He then made a U-turn and went past the house and turned onto Tiffany Lane. The man was driving an older ‘80s –‘90s Ford pickup light in color and had a woman with him. According to witnesses, the man looked like he was missing a few front teeth and had a long white/gray beard.

Valley Home residents should be watchful of unfamiliar vehicles and suspicious activities.


We Wish All Our Readers a Happy & Safe 4th of July.