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Members of the Valley Home community were saddened to receive word that former Oakdale Mayor and friend, Elmo Garcia passed away on July 6th. Elmo was one of those rare people that you could always depend on. Elmo was a staunch supporter of the Oakdale Museum, the Oakdale Historical Society and the Oakdale Garden Club among many other organizations. As Mayor of Oakdale, he attended the ribbon cutting at the grand opening of the museum in 1985 and all the festivities that followed, including the special event where one could make a donation to the museum and enjoy a picnic lunch on the front lawn with one of the Oakdale Council members providing the lunch. Mazo Ekstrom, head docent for the museum, was the winner of the lunch offered by Mayor Garcia. Elmo was always active and dressed in period finery and participated in the 1890’s Day Festivities hosted on the museum grounds by the Oakdale Historical Society.Elmo was always supportive of Oakdale and local group activities. He and his wife, Alice, could always be found at the Valley Home Volunteer Fire Department Barbecue fundraisers and joined in the festivities with daughter, Donna and her husband, Ron Borges. We shall all deeply miss Mayor Garcia and his dedication to all of the Oakdale area. He was a man you could always count on to be your friend and offer a helping hand when needed!*****Fair time is approaching and we are told that Valley Home 4-H is ready and raring to go! Scott Heaton has finished with all of the meat goat practice showmanship meetings and the 4-Hers will be clipping their goats by the end of the week to get ready. The rabbit group has a new show box and will be decorating it. Kylie Rinna and Halley Smith have just completed an educational display to hang in the fair rabbit barn.We have received word that Callie Chrisman, a 5-year-old primary 4-H member, will be participating in “kiddie showmanship” at the fair this year along with Benjamin Fletcher.Good luck to all the 4-Hers in their Fair entries. We are all proud of you!*****Happy anniversary wishes from all their Valley Home friends go to Tom and Brenda Jameson who celebrate their special day today, Wednesday, July 14th.*****Celebrating birthdays this week are Elsie Martin, Matt Keene, Matt Breckwald and John Copin. Happy Birthday from all your Valley Home friends and neighbors.