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Valley Home News for April 27, 2011
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The weather turned out great on Saturday for the 4-H sponsored Easter Egg Hunt and a good number of egg hunters showed up for the fun event! Our 4-H Easter Bunny helpers did a great job hiding the eggs on the grounds of the “old” school and the weather couldn’t have been better for the hunt. The eggs were dyed and decorated by the 4-H’ers in Chairman Jenna Heaton and Cody Bartholomew’s barn and afterward the kids all enjoyed a marshmallow roast out by the fire.

Prizes for eggs containing a prize slip were stuffed bunnies, stuffed lamb and stuffed baby chicks plus other prizes such as small animal statues, notebooks with animal picture covers, coloring books, crayons etc. There was an abundance of prizes so extras were given those who had not found a prize egg. There was a special price for guessing the number of jelly been eggs in a 12 inch jar. The person with the closest guess to the correct number would win a large white bunny and the jelly bean eggs. The winner was Stefanie Burghardt who gave the prizes to her twin daughters, Joanna and Jorianna.

We offer a big round of applause for a job well done to Chairperson Jenna Heaton, and all the Easter Bunny’s helpers Jordan McCain, Jordan McDougal, Nathan Soares, Mary Beth Carpenter, Garrett Bryhni, Allison Reburg, Cody Bartholomew, Ashley and Tucker Barreto, Bryce McKenzie, Austin Dickens, Wyatt & Emma Wucherer, Tommy Vaughn and Molly, Gabby and Emily Brodowski.


Just a reminder, if you didn’t mark your calendars for an afternoon of Silent Movie Comedy, when we mentioned it in March, be sure now to circle May 22nd and plan to attend the program of silent movies. Members of St. John’s Lutheran Church are once again offering an afternoon of fun with a step back in time and Silent Movie Fun. Once again the sound of St. John’s Church’s historic organ will fill the room with a prelude to the film in the style of music enjoyed by old time movie goers and rendered by the talented Dave Moreno. Matias Bombal will follow with a familiar vocal from the era of the film and with film comments.

Show time will begin at 3 p.m. and we will enjoy an afternoon of comedy consisting of four short films starring Laurel and Hardy. The duo appeared in 35 silent films, of which 33 were produced by the Hal Roach Studios between the years 1926 and 1929. They were not an established team with a vaudeville background, in the manner of most comedy teams of the day. Rather, they were film actors who just happened to appear in several films together and were both employed on the Roach lot in 1926, and were part of a stable of comedy regulars who appeared in a variety of roles in dozens of two-reel comedies. Director Leo McCarey is most often credited with noticing the chemistry that always resulted when Laurel and Hardy shared the screen, and as being the main inspiration behind their permanent teaming. The duo’s film history actually began with several films in which they co-starred, but were neither a team nor their familiar “Stan and Ollie” characters.

The first film of the showing is titled “From Soup to Nuts” and we find the two working as waiters at a ritzy dinner party where they prove themselves more adept at spilling things than serving them.

Following the showing of the films, guests may adjourn to the church basement for a delicious treat of a nominal price of $2.50 a slice for homemade pie, with homemade ice cream available for topping.

There is no fee charged for viewing the movies, however, a free-will donation is appreciated. Donations made at last year’s movies went to purchase new tables and chairs of which the church now has 12 new tables and 64 chairs. The group hopes to purchase an additional 32 chairs to complete the set.


We have received word that 4-H officers Jordan McCain and Cody Bartholomew will both be celebrating their birthday at their officer meeting Tuesday, April 26th. Many Happy Birthday wishes to both from their Valley Home friends!