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Valley Home News 8-5-20
Winnie Mullins

It was a very special evening in Oakdale this past Friday evening. Our 2020 Oakdale High School seniors enjoyed a beautiful graduation ceremony! Due to the Coronavirus, graduation, like so many other things, was postponed, while we all hoped this terrible virus would go away. Superintendent Marc Malone and his staff, along with so many others worked tirelessly to make this special evening a reality for our Seniors. With so much being out of their control, the school, along with very dedicated volunteers did everything they could to make this evening an evening of wonderful memories for the class of 2020. Our Sober Grad committee made sure every Senior received a special prize. It was amazing!

Normally the graduating seniors would exchange hugs and high fives, then file into the stadium together, their entire families watching proudly from the stands! On Friday evening, July 31, 2020 the long line of socially distanced graduates created an amazing sight of Mustang Pride! The line of graduates stretched from the front of the school all the way to the entrance to the stadium. It was the night they would say goodbye to OHS. Cars passing by on G Street and those few family members who got the honor of witnessing their graduates special night got a glimpse into the amazing strength of our Oakdale High 2020 graduates! With social distancing in place our graduates walked the stage and had the tremendous honor of hearing their name called inside the ‘Corral’. Most of our graduates had called this beautiful stadium home for the last four years. They were congratulated by the Superintendent after their name was called and were made to feel very special. This was their night! Their young faces reflected the pride of being a 2020 Oakdale High graduate. What a special night! A huge Thank you to all who made this night possible!


As always you may reach me at Until next time, “Happy trails to all”!