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Valley Home News 8-17-22
Winnie Mullins

A mix of beautiful flowers, a hint of lavender throughout the room, treasured photos of a well-lived life were shared with all who gathered to remember Jeanette “J” Weaver on Saturday. “J” was everywhere this past Saturday as we said a final goodbye to this one in a million woman! To say that Jeanette Weaver was special would be quite an understatement; she truly was a one in a million person.

Life began for this amazing woman on July 1, 1944. She came into this world with an identical twin sister, Janice. Jeanette and Janice would cherish their journey through life with their beloved sisters Dorcie and Paula. The four girls were blessed with an amazing brother, Travis. I am sure growing up Travis must have had his hands full with four beautiful sisters. J was born in Memphis, Tennessee and grew up to be a lovely young woman with an incredible sense of helping others!

Later in her life she would marry and share many adventures with her devoted husband Ray Weaver. The two moved to Oakdale and immediately became a very important part of their Valley Home community! Their love of helping others extended to the entire community. They were dedicated 4-H Leaders; no matter what project they were leading every child was welcome, it didn’t matter what 4-H you belonged to or even if you did not belong to a 4-H, you were always welcome to come be a part of every activity they held. Ray and Jeanette always encouraged everyone in attendance to get involved and I do mean everyone; it didn’t matter whether you were 5 years old or much, much, much older; they encouraged all to participate. Their love of people led them to spend many, many years volunteering with the Boy Scouts of America. Jeanette and Ray volunteered with the blind troop at the California School for the Blind for many years as well. They would open their Oakdale home for overnight campouts, archery fun, and always provided the most delicious cook out meals! They provided an amazing experience for the blind and to the sighted; they made it possible to not only do archery, pull a bow string and shoot an arrow; one could hear the whistle of an arrow as it raced towards it mark. They also made it possible for the sighted to partner with the unsighted to experience driving a tractor. The Weavers made so much possible for all of us. The beautiful pond on their Valley Home property was such a peaceful and special part of their ranch, always so welcoming.

Jeanette was well known for spoiling her dogs and caring for every cat who came anywhere near her home. She loved all animals and rescued several ponies and donkeys, bringing them to live in comfort on her Valley Home Ranch. J had a heart of gold! We will miss her very, very much. She was so kind, so generous and so very caring ... she made each of our lives better for knowing her!

Jeanette is survived by her beloved husband Ray Weaver, sons Richard (Lori), Micheal (Melissa) and Harold, stepson Dan (Bonnie), stepdaughter Sandy (Jeff), eight grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren along with her brother Travis White (Susie) of Clifton, VA, sister Dorcie Carroll of Lebanon, TN, sister Paula Crook of Lantana, TX and her twin sister Janice Wright of Saraland, AL. Jeanette had many precious nieces and nephews, she loved her entire family with all her heart. For this very special woman who came into this world on July 1, she would also leave this world on July 1 ... exactly 78 years later she would be called home. Rest in Heavenly Peace, our sweet “J”.

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Until next time, “Happy Trails To All!”