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Valley Home News 7-6-22
Winnie Mullins


This week we share very sad news with you. Valley Home has lost a truly amazing woman. Jeanette Weaver, you will be missed by all who knew and loved you! When I heard this sad news, my mind traveled back in time. I remember many years ago when we first became acquainted with Jeanette and her husband Ray. This was back when my husband Richard was still here with us; he loved to go bow hunting. Imagine his excitement to find out he could go right along with our 4-Hers and practice shooting bow and arrows at the Weavers! We were always welcome at the Weavers. I remember a very special day with the Weavers; Ray and Jeanette were hosting a group of blind youth, they had cooked up the most delicious meal and after everyone had eaten, it was time to go out and shoot the bows and arrows! Now, most would think this would be impossible but not Jeanette and Ray. They supplied everything needed, they invited our area 4-H kids to come and help, one on one and be a partner and the eyes for one who could not see. What a wonderful day it was … the youth who might not have ever witnessed the thrill of pulling back a bow string, letting it go and then hearing that arrow go whipping towards its mark ... what a magnificent day it was, one I am sure most of us will never forget! Thank you, Jeanette and Ray, for the many special things you did over the years for so many. Jeanette and Ray loved all children; they made every child they met feel important ... they were a priority! Many Valley Home families have had the most beautiful memories of events and special times with Jeanette and Ray. Jeanette loved to keep a huge mountain of hot buttery popcorn available for everyone to munch on. Hospitality and making everyone feel welcome was important to Jeanette. She spent a lifetime making others’ lives happier! It was important to her that young people were recognized for their efforts as well as their accomplishments. Blue ribbons were important to Jeanette, but so were participation ribbons. She always encouraged everyone to participate, to do your best and to be proud of your efforts! Jeanette had a deep and lasting love for the young people in her life; actually, she loved all people. Christmastime in Valley Home was very special to Jeanette and Ray. They would decorate their parade entry, always one of the best, and definitely most lights and then they would quietly disappear ... a few minutes later Santa and Mrs. Santa would appear! What a wonderful night it would be, Mrs. Santa waving merrily along the parade route while jolly ole Santa tossed delicious red and white striped candy canes to eager children along the parade route. Yes, there are so many wonderful memories, memories we will all cherish, memories our children and grandchildren will keep tucked in a special place in their hearts! Jeanette has an identical twin sister who I actually was privileged to meet a couple of weeks ago. What a surprise to see another beautiful Jeanette .... only it wasn’t Jeanette but her identical twin sister who had come to pay a surprise visit to her precious sister! Our sweet, kind and caring Jeanette passed away on her 78th birthday, July 1, 2022. We send our heartfelt sympathy to her beloved husband Ray and her precious family. May God comfort each of you. Rest in Heavenly Peace our sweet J.