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Valley Home News 6-22-22
Winnie Mullins

I hope each of you are having a really nice week. I debated with myself whether I should share my interesting experience this past week; I know you all have your own things going on in your lives! I feel so blessed that our mighty God has once again showed me his amazing mercy. It was last Sunday night, approximately 11:30 pm ... a very scary medical emergency and I was on my way back to Doctors Hospital, this time by ambulance. The reason I feel I should go ahead and share this experience with each of you, is not because of my personal medical emergency, I am fine now, but I need to send a huge “Thank You” to Ambulance driver/medic McKenzie, who’s highly skilled ambulance driving skills most likely saved three lives last Sunday night; hers, mine and the medic taking care of me in the back! Medic Drew was extremely well trained; he had just put the IV in when he looked up toward the front window of the ambulance and two really bright headlights were speeding “head on” to the ambulance! The young ambulance driver, such a quick thinking, highly trained young woman; with quickness made amazing lifesaving driving maneuvers. The ambulance was going every which direction; I watched as the lights in the ambulance dimmed and I heard the skids and felt the tremendous upheaval. I was strapped on a gurney so I was fine but I watched as Medic Drew was tossed about. This amazing young driver McKenzie somehow ... and definitely with God’s help ... managed to get out of the way of a (most likely) very, very drunk speeding driver coming at us head on. Law enforcement arrived immediately and went after the person who had very nearly caused want could have been a deadly accident. I would like to send my deepest gratitude to this amazing, highly skilled young woman McKenzie; our community is very blessed to have her and Medic Drew serving our residents! God bless and protect each of our amazing first responders!


You may contact me at or by telephone at 209-985-5233. Until next time, “Happy Trails to All!”