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Valley Home News 6-19-2019
Winnie Mullins

This week we celebrate the tremendous accomplishments of a young Valley Home man! Cody Fleischer grew up on his parent's ranch in Valley Home. Cody’s dad, Chuck and mom, Cindy taught Cody and his brother Bryan the value of hard work very early on! Living in Valley Home, being raised in this small community, Cody was well known for his adventurous spirit! His love for his community was always evident. Cody was always ready and willing to help anyone that needed him! It has always been important to Cody and Bryan’s dad, Chuck that his boys grow up to be “hard workers and good family men”. I remember when my family first moved to Valley Home, many years ago, we needed a quote on some work and not knowing Chuck very well, we learned in a single second what this hard working man was all about! He made a statement that I will never forget, “I just want my boys to work hard, find something they love and can sink their teeth into!” At the time, I thought that was an interesting statement, considering the boys were young, but his statement always stuck with me and now I realize he was successful in passing on this work ethic to both his sons. They are both hard-working, trustworthy and successful men. We are extremely proud to share with you all, the dream come true for and amazing young man. Cody would greatly appreciate your business, no matter how large or how small. He is here to meet your needs. “Pioneer Construction” License #1054524, General Engineering Contractor, Phone # 209-840-1858, Owner Cody Fleischer is available for all your construction needs, including concrete, ADA compliance, seal coat, grading, excavation, septic systems, dozer work, foundation, fire rehab and demo work!

Cody, Valley Home is so proud of you, your hard work and strong work ethic define the man you are. We wish you the very best!


As always you may reach me at Until next time, “Happy Trails to All!”