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Valley Home News 5-15-24
Winnie Mullins

A very special “Thank You” to all who purchased spaghetti dinners or donated much needed funds to our Valley Home Community Park this past weekend. Your generosity greatly benefited our beautiful little park. Here is the total of the money collected from the Spaghetti Dinner: dinner ticket sales, $1,695; donations, $65. After expenses of $134.58, the total income was $2,185.42

What a wonderful community we are blessed to live in. Our park pump/well will be being worked on during this week; we are very thankful.


This week, as I do each year since my husband Richard passed, I honor his memory. I share some of the things that I loved most about him … some of the things that many of you, those who knew him, miss about him. He was a man of great strength, very strong, but to all he knew he was a gentleman. My beloved husband was a man who cared deeply for his family and his friends. One of those beloved and close friends was Russ Carpenter. Richard and Russ could sit for hours on the tailgate of a pickup truck, they always had a lot to talk about. The funny part of that for me was that Richard was such a quiet guy. Obviously, he and Russ had plenty to discuss! Richard and I met when I was 17 years old and a senior in high school; he was 18 years old and had already graduated from high school. He drove a really cool black Chevy with loud pipes and I thought he was the coolest. He treated me in the nicest way … always thoughtful and so considerate of my feelings. We met in October 1968, got engaged in December and we married on May 3 in the spring of 1969. Of course, we went through ups and downs over the years … but truly they were mostly ups; we were blessed to be married for 47 years. Richard passed away suddenly on a sunny Saturday afternoon on May 14, 2016. Our Firehouse doors were closed … I will always be grateful for the firefighters, paramedics and all those who came from the Fire Stations in town to try to save him. I will always remember the tremendous efforts of OID. Richard will always be special in my heart; I think about him every day and I will forever miss him every day. I am a blessed woman to have had him for my husband those 47 years. Thank you, God, for putting Richard Mullins in my life.


As always, you may reach me by email at or by telephone at 209-985-5233.