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Valley Home News
September 22, 2010
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Congratulations go out to the following Valley Home students who earned the title of Student’s of the Month for August! The honor of being proclaimed Student of the Month rewarded the students with personal recognition with all students in attendance for the ceremony. In addition to receiving personal recognition, each student receives a certificate, a special lunch, and T-shirt to commemorate the occasion.  Kenzie Mount represented the Kindergarten class with Maci Soares, 1st Grade, Mika Palitang 2nd grade and Dylan Fmura 3rd grade. Emma Colombo 4th grade, Jose Garcia 5th grade, Stephanie Lee 6th grade, Jocelyn Diaz 7th grade and Harlee Burschi for 8th grade.

Congratulations to all on their great work! Valley Home is proud of you!


Word is that the Parent Teacher Club (PTC) meeting on Thursday was very productive and the group wants to thank all of the people who were able to attend the meeting. The Harvest Festival is coming up next month on Saturday, October 23rd from 4-8 p.m. PTC plans to offer a lot of new and fun games for children of all ages. Some new items for this year include a Dunk Tank, Sumo Wrestling Suits and a Haunted House. Contests that will be held this year include the Scarecrow Contest (built and displayed at your home), a Costume Contest, Carved and Decorated Pumpkins and also The Largest Pumpkin Contest that will all be held at this year’s Harvest Festival. Ferrarese’s Deli will be catering the food for us again this year, what a great meal they provide! Be sure to mark your calendars so you can join us for a wonderful Family Fun Evening!


There was a lot of action at the Valley Home Community Park site last week with the planting of two Valley Oak trees donated by the Oakdale Garden Club and planted in company of a still to be identified oak tree donated by a doctor at Pioneer Equine Hospital. A Weeping Birch received from the Burghardts joined a group of three redwood trees and several shrubs from board member Sharon Furtado and were planted in a group on a small mound in the northern part of the site. Four of the planned twelve Podocarpus trees received from Furtado were planted inside the alley fence before the project came to a halt due to a breakage of a small bolt in the hole-drilling auger. It does not matter the size of a problem, only the importance. And this bolt was important so work was put on hold until this week.

The following residents volunteered their time to help make the park a reality – Joe and Linda Perez, Tom Winchester and his tractor to power the auger, Eldon Angle’s auger, Sharon Hoffman and Liz Turpin. It is greatly appreciated the way residents are helping in completing the community park but there is still a lot to be done and volunteers are greatly needed and welcomed. The planting of more Podocarpus, other trees and shrubs is next. The moving and placing of boulders along the Pioneer Ave. property line is still ahead. The placement of the sod will really make the park come alive and that is not far away. The redwood picnic tables have been ordered and will be delivered soon and work will soon start on the flagpole-park sign plaza. Volunteers are needed on these projects so come on down and help. Remember, this is the Valley Home Community Park, which means it is YOUR PARK. It is the memorial to the historic clubhouse, “The Heart of the Community.”